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About Us

About Eaglesoft Inc.
Who we are

Eaglesoft Inc is a management consulting and system integration company that utilizes the latest technologies and best business practices to provide the clients with efficient, effective business solutions.

Eaglesoft Inc leverages the deep industry knowledge and proven experience of the subject matter experts, technology and management consultants who founded and now lead our company. The Eaglesoft team is made up of an exceptional group of IT and management consultants whose purpose is to help our clients achieve business objectives that lead to less stress and greater operational success.

Our management team includes seasoned subject matter experts and technocrats that have proven expertise and experience in all phases of design and implementation of ERP, and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for commercial and government clients.

Our seasoned consultants are 100% focused on our clients and have a proven track record collaborating to significantly reduce cycle times, do more with less, simplify processes, and equip every client to focus their energy and resources on accomplishing their goal and mission.

Through the years, Eaglesofts' s consultants have successfully partnered with clients to solve each new challenge that technology advancements and changes in organizational practices have presented. Today, they share a vision of an elite, values-driven management and technology consultancy committed to providing market-leading results.